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“AFF-X Foot Soak is the first and only spore and fungus treatment that uses renowned Nitric Oxide to kill and prevent all reoccurring moccasin and interdigital type Athlete’s Foot.”

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My feet used to be red and always hot. I had to use open shoes all year long. After one treatment of your product I can actually feel coolness and cold on my feet. I can even tolerate socks. My skin still peals and cracks, but that is better than the itching, redness, and burning  that I had before. I am so glad that there is something on the market that can definitely improve if not cure athletes foot. I am grateful for any improvement. It is great to be able to wear socks again without my feet burning up even in snow. My brother in law has the same problem and wears sandals all year in rain, snow or sunshine. I will pass on your product information to him also. Thanks for a great product.

Thank you for the excellent customer service! You went above and beyond! Greatly appreciated!

Thank you for making such a great product!

I have had athlete’s foot since I was 17 years old. I am now 73. I believe I have the moccasin type as doctors have told me I have a severe case and wanted to treat me with the oral medication that takes about 9 months and works about 45% of the time. It involves the liver and I did not want to take a chance on it. I cannot use Lamisil as it creates a rash on my feet. I have used your product now for about 12 foot soaks. I see improvement each time I use it. Your product has worked better than any other through the years.

Thanks for creating a safe and effective product.

The first activator and base packet I mixed did not bubble or anything as was described on your webpage! The second treatment was totally different. I could see the bubbles forming on the bottom of the foot bath as soon as it was mixed. The third treatment was the same as the second. I did send an email to the sales dept about the first mixture and I was very impressed with the response time (less than 12 hours I believe). Also in the reply they noted that they had already sent out a replacement since the first treatment did not seem to mix right. Very impressive customer service!

I had Athletes foot btwn the toes, and into the pinky toe nail.  I used your product for 3 consecutive days, for 30 mins each session. After one week or so, the skin on my feet/toes started peeling off.  Over the next couple weeks, the orange faded and then I filed my toenails. Who cares about orange feet when the best thing about all of this is that your product WORKED!!!  I am a very satisfied customer!  I’ve dealt with this issue for about a year, using topical ointments like Tinactin and professional Rx Naftin.  Both only treating the symptoms, NOT getting to the source and destroying the spores.

I would totally buy this product again, although I hope I don’t have to!

Keep up the good work!
My right foot is happy again!

I am a 33 year old female that has had athlete’s foot for 2 years now. I hardly ever wear closed toed shoes, most of the time I wear sandals. I believe I contracted athlete’s foot in a hotel spa. I first tried the tinactin and other name brand sprays with no luck! I then tried the top brand creams with no luck. I tried the new lamisil AF cream which was a 7 day treatment with no luck. I have even tried cleaning it with clorox wipes. I have also used epsom salt. After the second treatment my feet started to feel almost silky and the itching and burning ceased.  I did notice the yellowing of skin. After the third treatment I cleaned all dead skin off and felt even more relieved.

I would recommend making this product more accessible than mail order only.

Just wanted to let you know that I used the treatment and it is amazing. I have suffered for the last two years or so from what I guess is moccasin type athlete’s foot … no major symptoms but definitely didn’t have soft supple feet. I was told by the esthetician that they thought I was suffering from a mild fungus that I probably picked it up while at the gym. I tried alot of different products. I must say that there is more of a difference than I have ever seen before. I will definitely be telling my esthetician about it.

Thanks so much for the quick shipment.

Good news!  Wednesday – the day after treatment #5 – my foot started itching again and the skin started flaking off….and leaving nice, pink, new skin.  Yay!  The infected skin is now about 25-30% gone.  I will take a photo before Saturday’s treatment, and keep up the semi-weekly regimen.

Two weeks later…

The infected skin is just flaking off now – almost falling off.  It’s about 2/3 gone now – better than I could have hoped for.  Will keep going with the semi-weekly treatments until there are none left, to ensure the infection can’t come back!

Thanks for your help!